Friday, April 9, 2010

Last long run

Happy Friday, it sure seems that it has been a really long week....tomorrow is my last long run for Eugene; I will be hitting the streets for 22 miles.  I'll be getting 12 miles in by myself and then meeting a friend for the last 10 or so; the weather is supposed to be decent this weekend and I am really looking forward to a dry weekend. 

On Sunday morning I will be hopping on a plane for a visit to Chicago for work; it is always a challenge to get my runs in when I travel, but I am determined to be consistent with my training.  The treadmill will become my new best friend.  I'm always hesitant to run in areas that are unfamiliar to me; is this a concern for anyone else or do you guys just "got for it"?

I'm very excited because while I am in Chicago I am going to meet up with Marcia ; go check out her blog, and send her good thoughts about Boston, I can't wait to meet her.

I was bummed because my bloggy meet up with Alisa and Marya didn't work out last week; but that is o.k., we will get it rescheduled soon.

I did end up hiring the new coach, although I'm not sure the timing is really right; but it's done and that's o.k.  I have selected the Newport Marathon (June 5th) as my goal race for my BQ, this will allow me to use Eugene (May 2nd) as another training run and gives me more time to work with my coach on pace work.  Missoula (July 11) is probably just going to be survival, although we will see; at least I will be a maniac when I'm through.

I hit the gym Wednesday evening for the first time in months; my upper body is a little sore :-)  My 19 year old daughter went with me and it is pretty weird to watch guys check out your daughter; kind of creepy.  I have to do better about getting to the gym; it is the part of my exercise routine that is weakest.

I just finished the best book, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - go check it out, it is fabulous!

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Wow, have a fantastic 22 miler tomorrow!! I am excited to hear that you found yourself a new running coach. Hopefully this one will work out and you will be on your way to some spectacular training:) I am totally jealous that you will be meeting Marcia in Boston:) Have a good one Kathy!