Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enough already

Dear Mother Nature;

Please, can you curtail the rain in the states of Oregon and Washington?  Yes, we knew it rained when we moved here and yes it makes everything green; but for crying out loud - we've been more than patient this Spring.  Enough is enough.  Check out these facts:

May 2010 was the third wettest May since they started keeping numbers
They expect us to hit the AVERAGE rainfall for June THIS FRIDAY, June 4th - really?

I generally don't complain about the weather, but my patience is wearing thin this year; will we see the sun and temps above 60 before the 4th of July?

Yours truly,

The bulk of the States of Washington and Oregon

P.S.  I know my friends Mel, Alisa, Amy, Marya and Lisa (just to name a few) are feeling the same pain I am - how about it; can we see some blue and yellow soon?

P.P.S.  I know it will rain for the Rose Parade; that's o.k., it's tradition


  1. Fingers crossed for a sunny summer! Hope it peeks through soon...rain can be quite depressing after a while! Hang in there.

  2. I can't believe how much it has been raining in South Carolina too!! It can really put a damper on my workout plans too :(

  3. Ha, seems like everyone is a little antsy about the weather these days. Some of different reasons, but I feel your pain. Just bring the good running weather already!!!

  4. We have some things in common: the wet may and the Garmin 305. Late congrats for your great sub 4!