Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hood to Coast

My Hood to Coast team starts at 12:00 (noon) tomorrow; the weather is supposed to be perfect for running, I'm really excited.  My goal is to run an 8:30 average pace for my three legs; I think this is doable but we will see for sure.

Leg descriptions:
Leg 10                     6.19 miles Moderate
Begin at approximately 7:43 p.m. Friday evening
Long leg mostly along Springwater Trail then city streets over relatively rolling and flat terrain. Water will not
be provided. Plan ahead if needed.

Leg 22                     6.81 Hard
Begin at approximately 5:15 a.m. Saturday
Gradual up and downhills on paved but narrow back country roads.

Leg 34                     4.13 Moderate
Begin at approximately 2:20 p.m. Saturday
Very short leg in length with gently rolling hills along paved country roads.

We are projected to finish around 4:51 p.m. Saturday; of course, this implies that EVERYONE runs the EXACT pace they submitted. Yeah right...

I wish I could figure out how to paste in the elevation charts, but I can't - EPIC FAIL. I have a pretty good climb on my second leg, but is has an awesome and long downhill that follows the evil climb.

Hopefully I will have fun photos and a great race report next week.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Damn, I wish that I was as fast and had your rock star endurance:)

    Good luck...can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Congrats for your 15 minutes of fame. Good luck for today (tomorrow in Italy) and tomorrow. Waiting for the report full of glory!

  3. Hey Kathy! I just saw that we've been matched up by Amanda at runtothefinish and I wanted to stop by and say hi. When is your upcoming race? I'm running the Grand Rapids Marathon on Oct. 17.

    Good luck this weekend with your race. Sounds like it's going to be all kinds of fun!

  4. Good luck!

    I really want to do this race sometime!

  5. Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by. Cool that we are partnered up in the challenge; I'm excited!

    My race is Oct 17th (Toronto Marathon). PR is 3:58 and I'm hoping for 3:55 or better.

    Good luck!!

  6. Can't wait to see how your relay went, it's gotta be more mentally challenging than physical (ok, should be pretty physical as well).
    Glad I get to listen to your podcast today. Thanks for sharing.