Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vancouver Lake Half Marathon Race Report

Run for the Bling of it!

My first race report, bullet style.............

This past Sunday I ran the Vancouver Lake Half marathon for the 3rd or 4th time, forgive me I can't remember; but it will be the last time I run this race.

On the positive side:

  • I PR'd (27 seconds, but a PR nonetheless)
  • It is dirt cheap; $30.00
  • It is pancake flat
  • I have tons of running peeps who also run this event
  • It was a perfect winter day this year which in OREGONEASE means - it didn't rain
  • It is a small event; less than 400 finishers
  • It is a FAST crowd
  • It's a well supported 1/2 marathon in January, in Oregon
  • My training has been totally and completely in the toilet; a PR has restored my confidence
  • There are tons and tons of homemade cookies at the finish, made by the members of the local running club who put on the race
On the negative side:
  • I've done the race multiple times, it is time to move on
  • It has too many out & backs; I saw the same stupid park, roads, etc. more times than I care to count
  • It is a FAST crowd
  • I didn't have any fuel with me and I started to feel  it around mile 11; by mile 12 I was running on sheer will power, my energy stores were 100% depleted.  I don't think I've ever been that hungry/out of fuel at an event before
  • A 10:00 a.m.start; killed the whole day
My Bling
Happy running; my February event is the Heartbreaker 1/2 marathon; a new event and looking at the course, a tough event.


  1. Great report--have you ever done the Cascade Half in Turner? It poured rain on us this year, but it is flat as a pancake too.
    Good luck in the Heartbreaker next month. Looking forward to reading your report on that one too.

  2. Nice, now I'm in the mood for cookies and pancakes.
    Interesting that you can't remember how many times you've done the race. But you know your PR down to the second. Ha!
    Keep the momentum for your next half, and you'll definitely address the fuel issue.

  3. The bib with your name is very nice; isn't it?
    A race with a fast crowd is not the best event but it helps to get the PR.
    I agree about the change of t-shirts, good idea. Please e-mail me at

  4. Wow.a PR on toilet caliber training? You give me hope! I'm feeling the same way about my March half. Very bored with it. Congrats for pusing thru thiough!

  5. Congrats on the unexpected PR! And homemade cookies after the race? Nice!

  6. yay for a pr!!!

    i'm with you though...too many out-and-backs and i'm bored stiff. good work on toughing it out!

  7. congrats on your PR!

    i'm a new follower and your v-day swap partner! :)

  8. Kathy,
    My suck hill is in Milwaukie on Thiessen. I've got another good one on Jennings - much longer... but there's also much less wiggle room and I'm nervous about traffic on that one.