Monday, December 21, 2009

Back at it

For a variety of reasons, none of them terribly good - I HAVEN'T RUN SINCE LAS VEGAS; for those of you keeping score that is 2 weeks + one day. That is until today, I got out with a friend for 4 nice & easy miles - it felt wonderful! To make matters worse, I haven't done any exercise since the marathon :-(

Push-ups and sit-ups will start again tomorrow (Tuesday); no excuses I will make it through the 6 weeks!

I am thinking about goals for 2010 and there are many; I'm not going to post them yet as I want to make sure they are reasonable and accomplishable.

I did however tally up my 2009 mileage and I have 1018 miles year to date; wow, I am stoked. There are probably 15-20 miles that were run "watchless" during the year. Who would have thought?

Talk about coincidence, I got my gift from the blogger gift exchange today; wonderful socks & fuel goodies, EXACTLY what I sent - what are the odds?

Have a great evening.

1 comment:

  1. Haha! Glad you got it! I totally busted out laughing when I opened mine...I guess it's what we runners like!
    Don't beat yourself up over not working out. Rest is a valuable and necessary thing!