Friday, February 12, 2010

I hate push-ups (and I'm not that fond of my husband right now either)

TGIF everyone

Here we are, the end of another week; it's been a busy one but they usually are. I'm feeling very fortunate that I have a three-day weekend as Monday is a Federal holiday :-)

I'm very frustrated with my push-up challenge and now I am letting my husband ruin it for me. For months he has been asking me why I always go upstairs to do my push-ups and sit-ups & he's curious why I won't do them in front of him. I have explained to him MULTIPLE times that I don't want him to tell me that I'm doing them wrong and that I feel self-conscious if I feel I'm being scrutinized.

I know that my push-ups aren't perfect and I am o.k. with that.

Well, I finally broke down the other day and started to do my Push-Up Fit Test in front of him; I had just finished Week 4 and this test was to determine if I was moving up to Week 5 or repeating Week 4 (again). My arms were a little sore and I wasn't really feeling it anyway; I should have known better..............

What was the FIRST thing out of his mouth? Keep your back straight.

What was the SECOND thing out of his mouth? Go lower.

At this point I tried, nicely, to ask him to leave me alone and not provide input into my push-up form; he then launched into a speech about if I was going to do them I should do them right and he was just trying to help. Didn't I want to do them right? I did not do enough to move on to Week 5 and I haven't done one push-up since then. Oh well..........

I am looking forward to a fun and hopefully relaxing weekend. Tonight I will be celebrating a dear friends 50th Birthday; tomorrow I am going to watch my son (who is a senior in college) coach his YMCA Youth Basketball Team; and on Monday I will be getting together with a few friends for scrapbooking and card making. I don't know yet what Valentine's Day will bring :-)

I have a 70 minute easy run scheduled for today; an 80 minute hill run (still easy pace) scheduled for tomorrow and a rest day on Sunday. I will get a full week's schedule from my new coach later this weekend and I'm excited to see what my running future holds. It will be interesting and challenging; right now he wants me to work on building my stamina, and trying to get me to be less fastidious about my pace, distance, etc. And what does this mean in the short term.........slow down, relax and listen to my body.

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  1. OMG are we married to the same guy? Mine said exactly those 2 things! Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    You are so funny:) I never liked doing push-ups in front of my hubby either..he used to wrestle and could bench press some crazy weight. I always felt stupid and embarrassed. Now, I did not feel funny in front of my daughter...maybe it is a girl thing:)

    Have a great run today and tomorrow!! Oh, and I hope that you have a fabulous weekend Kathy:)

  3. I also don't like to do push ups in front of my husband--same reasons apply.

    Men! =)

    I'm doing the push up challenge for the second time, this time doing real pushups not the knee kind---I think though that I'll be doing each week twice.

    It's really hard for me to run for time. I know that most tri plans always use time not distance but it's soooooo hard for me not to look obsessively at my Garmin---I'll be curious to see how you do becoming zen runner =). maybe I can learn a few things.

  4. Guys can be so insensitive sometimes. I should know since I'm a guy! I'm sure he meant well, but I understand you wanting to be left alone and do it your way. I don't exercise in front of my wife either! Besides, I can't even do a pushup!!

  5. LOL my husband knows better. I would bob him one. Off to email you :)

  6. Thanks for sharing with all of us your husband's "words of encouragement" during your set of push-ups. Too funny.

    I would love to start the push up challenge too, what particular schedule do you follow? I tried to scan your blog and didn't see or missed the initial post.

    Given that I have always lived in a 4 season climate I often forget that not everyone has the benefit of being exposed to everything each season brings. It is hard to imagine what it would be like never to have experienced crazy snow conditions before. Having said that, I think my husband and I would jump at the opportunity to move somewhere warm all year around if we could and then just visit the cold weather as desired. Take care, Juliana