Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random babbling

Alisa pointed out to me that all the Oregon photos I posted were taken on nice, sunny days and she is right :-) We don't get as much sunshine as the rest of the world; but when it is sunny in Oregon, it is TO DIE FOR and nothing beats it. This is coming from a born and raised Southern California gal...........

talked about stalling the other day; about how hard it can be to get your rear in gear and out the door; I think we have all been there. I was there myself today; I had an hour to kill while I waited for my carpooler. It makes perfect sense for me to get a run in during this time, I've done it a few times, I had my gym bag with me, I didn't run yesterday, I probably can't run tomorrow - I fully intended to run. As the time got closer I did all the negative self-talk; it's windy, it's raining, I'm tired, I don't want to go - you all know the drill. Finally, push came to shove and I just forced myself out the door and got a decent 5.25 mile run in. I don't know about you guys, while sometimes it is hard to get out the door, I never regret getting the run in and I always feel so much better.

The Fitness Challenge that I was going to do at the gym was cancelled due to low participation; I'm really bummed. It was a great, affordable way to get in some personal training and a little friendly competition. I am now looking for Plan B. I'm considering hiring a coach, someone who incorporates strength training into a running regime; what do you guys think?

has been doing this terrible thing recently ;-) She's posting about blogs she enjoys reading that she thinks others would enjoy; and she is right - they are all awesome. I can barely keep up reading all of these wonderful blogs, forget commenting on all of them. I'm a bad girl and read them at work most of the time (let's keep this as our little secret) but for some unknown technical reason I can't comment on all of them from my office. This is actually probably good as I might not ever get any work done.

I got a 4 mile treadmill run in on Monday evening; it sure seemed to me that it was much, much harder than running outside. In fact, I put the treadmill a full minute per mile slower than I would normally run. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I had an awesome 7+mile hill workout on Tuesday night; it was brutal, but felt so good.

My long run this weekend will be on Sunday; we're planning on 13 miles. A good way to start the day before all of the Superbowl festivities kick off.

Have a great day.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Man you sure are going and getting it done!! Impressive workouts! I am also doing a long run this weekend, but mine will be on Saturday and only 10 miles.

    This week for some reason we have been pretty slow at work. Normally there is no time for checking out blogs. We have had a construction crew in our area putting in new wider doors. Construction crew= no patients in our women's imaging department:) Anyway, this week was terrible because all that I could do was blog and now I am so flipping addicted!! Next week we are screaming busy so there will be no looking at blogs!!

    I hope that you have a great weekend Kathy!

  2. Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment.

    I also find that I can't run as fast on the treadmill... I'm not sure if it's mental, but I really just try to avoid it.

    Nice job on the runs this week!

  3. Thanks for checking out my Blog!! I love the photos of Oregon. I have heard nothing but great things about how beautiful the area is. It is funny my work blocks us from doing almost everything, including lotto tickets, but to my surprise I am good to go with posting comments. I won't tell if you won't.


  4. Being pretty new at running...I'm always a little relieved when I read about more experienced runners having off days. I had this distorted perception that the more one runs, the easier it gets. NOT! :) ...I now know that the more one runs, the faster and the MORE one wants to run!

  5. So in response to your comment. I run terwilliger every tuesday and I was there last week, wonder if we ran past each other?

  6. What a total bummer the fitness challenge was challenged! I wish we lived closer cuz I would love to get share a running+ coach!
    have a great weekend!

  7. I am doing 13 miles tomorrow... I have sooo many blogs I love that it makes it really hard to make it around to visit and comment. hugs to sunshine

  8. The good thing about 13 before the Super Bowl is you can eat chips and dip guilt free.

  9. So true, when it's sunny it's great but I gotta say this born and raised Cali girl misses her sun. However, can't say that today since it's GOREGOUS out!

    I'm doing Shamrock this year as a 5k. I haven't run a 5k since 2005, I think. Honestly, the weather can't be any worse than last year, right?!?!? I'm sure I could beat my time from last year since I run Terwilliger all the time now.

    I wonder if I saw you last tuesday. I run terwilliger on tuesday's as well from Campus Drive to Capital Hwy and back. I won't be there tomorrow but the week after I will be! I usually run with another friend, I'm almost always wearing pink and she is almost always wearing green---hopefully we can meet up sometime!!!!