Monday, December 27, 2010

Random thoughts

What a busy fun filled few days I've had.  Here are some photos from my sister-in-law's annual Christmas Eve party.

On Christmas morning we headed back to my sister-in-laws for gifts and breakfast; I think everyone had a great time and was happy with their gifts.  That afternoon we went to see Gulliver's Travels (so so movie) and then had Chinese Food to dinner; my husband is Jewish so we "blend" holiday traditions.  We laughed about it and look forward to next year.

On Sunday, I participated in a Pacific Northwest Operation Jack run in Tigard, Oregon.  This was also my run for Katye's 12k of Christmas virtual run.  First off, I SUCK at pictures at races; please forgive me and I forgot my "virtual bib".  The course was a loop,  just shy of a mile and open for 6 hours; everyone was asked to run a minimum of 6.1 miles in honor of Sam's 61st marathon, a couple of folks did 30+ miles.  These folks are my heroes.  The conditions were terrible; it was 39 degrees, pouring and windy for the entire morning.  Going into the event I decided I would shoot for half marathon distance, I started out by myself (it was a very small event) and I gutted out the first 7 laps.  I was seriously thinking about stopping but I met two great gals & we kept each other company and got through my 15 laps (about 14.25 miles).  It was the slowest miles I have done in months; I probably shouldn't be too hard on myself my training has been terrible.

I was reminded this morning that Boston is in 111 days; I must get serious about my training.  Here's my plan for the next two weeks, it is fairly ambitious I hope I am up to it:

Monday -  6 miles
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday  - 6 - 8 miles
Thursday - 6 - 7 miles. Warm up 2 miles.  Run 2 x 1 mile @ 8:25. 2 minute jog rest between the miles. Then 2 x 200, hard.  2 miles cool down. 
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - 10 - 12 miles
I'm going to work on 2011 goals and a race schedule this week; stay tuned and have a Happy New Year!


  1. Love the Operation Jack shirt and medal...I don't get mine until next week and I'm extremely jealous! We had a good run in Albany, in the wind and rain!

  2. Beautiful pic, it looks like a funny party. I think we have run our slowest mile this week: I had problems with the strong wind too. I like the shirt and the medal, congrats.
    Happy New Year to you and family too.

  3. Looks and sounds like a fun x-mas, I totally wanted chinese that night, too.
    Very cool that you pushed through those tough conditions, impressive mileage. Enjoy those training weeks, you have a challenging schedule, should be fun.

  4. now we're down to 106 days!!! eeeeee! i am not doing well at all with training. but a new year will hopefully be just what i need to get me back on track.

  5. i just got my package!!! thank you so much for the portland running co. its absolutely perfect. in fact, i'm wearing it right now :)

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