Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

I'm working to get things sorted out and back to some sort of normal existence.  I'm adjusting to the whole grandparent idea and I know it will be awesome to be a grandma.  Here's a photo of the parents to be, they are very excited and looking forward to becoming parents:

I'm also keeping my perspective on the flood; it is an opportunity to do a little remodeling, get some fresh paint, do a little purging, etc.  Here are some photos, it's hard to get a perspective of the water in the dark but you will get an idea:

This is our family room, looking from the kitchen

This is another view of the family room

One bathroom, minus the tile.  We're still waiting to find out if the tub has to go

The view down the hall

What is left of the "Duck" room

You can now pass between the kids rooms, would have been cool when they were little :-)

The front of the house as the water was subsiding

The strength of the water pouring through the yard

The water was about 3 feet deep at the peak of the flooding; that is our mailbox

Another view of the Cul de Sac

I'm working to get back on track with working out; I went for a 4-mile really fun run last night to look at Christmas lights and then to dinner with friends.

On the 26th I will be participating in an event to support Operation Jack; it is 6 hour event, run a minimum of a 10k or as many miles as you can get in within a 6 hour window.  I had been hoping to do 15-18 miles but I don't think I'm quite ready.  My new goal is 13.1 but you never know what the day may hold.  I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone for this event as non of my normal running buddies will be there; I sure hope to make some new friends and I know I am supporting an awesome cause.

Take care everyone!


  1. I didn't notice the NW Challenge part of Operation Jack until you pointed it out. How neat is that! I sent you an email about what I'm up to. It's far from the 6 hour option, just 6.1 miles that we will probably turn into 7.

    I'm so sorry about your flood. Wow!

  2. It's nice to run for a social cause. The fun runs in Christmas are the best, I like to see all those lights as well. The atmosphere is magic.
    Merry Christmas to you and family from italy.

  3. That flood looks scary. Good that you can see the positives that came from it. The Operation Jack run sounds like a great run to do. Take care and have fun!

  4. Glad you are seeing the silver lining and feeling positive! I hope the holidays are good to you.

    The 6h event sounds like fun for a great cause!

  5. Yikes good news and bad! Sorry about the flood but the new addition to your family is so exciting.
    Have fun with the run no matter how far you decide to run and have a great holiday!

  6. I can't believe you guys were flooded so bad! I love your Duck room :-)

    My SIL is also running the Operation Jack run on Sunday. I think she's going for the full 6 hour window. I don't even know if I could eek out a 10k at this point...
    BUT GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Have a great race!

  7. If you wanted to hit your original goal you could warmup walk the first 2 or 3, run your 13.1, then cooldown with another couple mile walk, just an idea.
    Hey, good to see the new mommy/daddy-to-be all smiles and looking well-rested. Remember that!
    Sorry again for the flood damage, but now it will be a positive when you compare this post with the after-pics.

  8. Hi Kathy,
    Oh my goodness! What and the heck is going on over there? I am so sorry to hear about the flood that has damaged your home.

    Take care! Happy Holidays to you and your family:) Hugs to you!