Monday, March 8, 2010

I will take it any way I can get it

I am so stoked - I got my FIRST EVER Age Group award this past Saturday; at the Oregon Road Runners Club 30k, 3rd Place Women 45-49. I present this for evidence!

This was especially cool, because I really didn't race the event; it was a training run for me. I was also a little worried as my training has been off a bit recently and I really wasn't sure I was ready to cover the distance.

It was a perfect day for running in Oregon; Champoeg is a State Park about 45 minutes South of Portland. The low in the morning was in the high 30's but the afternoon high hit 65 - unheard of this time of year. I carpooled down with 4 of my running mates and all 5 of us placed in our age groups; two of my friends won their age group. If I ever get the gratuitous photo of all of us posing with our ribbons I will share it.

The race was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. but didn't start until almost 9:15; really no biggie to me. There was also a 10k event and both races started at the same time; small demerit here. The bummer about this event was that it was actually 3 - 10k's; i.e. 3 loops :-( When we turned the corner to start the third 10k loop I let out an audible UGH; I really wasn't looking forward to doing another loop; oh well, I gutted it out and finished feeling strong.

How was your weekend?


  1. Good for you! Congrats! 3 loops is mentally tough. Looks like that coach of your may be paying off!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Wow, placing for your age group is awesome!! I am so proud of you:) It must be extra special because it was just a training run for you! Score!!

  3. Awesome job! My friend Jen placed 1st in 25-29. Looped races sound horrible to me but better than out and back =).

    Starting next week, when my official Half Iron training begins, I'll be running Tuesday (either Thursday or Friday) and Sunday. So, maybe a Thursday or Friday sometime we could meet up. With it staying lighter later I'm up for whenever. Again, you'll have to pick an "easy" day and I'll plan to make it a tempo day =).

  4. I LOVE IT! the ribbon is so pretty!
    Its funny I train running in a 2 mile circle around a college campus trail and now that I am going to a race and running 13 miles straight with no repeat loops it will be weird :) ha...

    you did GREAT! congratulations!!! :)

  5. Good luck on Sunday! Not sure where you are in the city or if you're a morning runner but I'm looking for a morning running buddy for Friday mornings. I start my Half Ironman training monday and I know friday morning runs are going to be tough and I'd love some company. I start with 5 on the schedule and it goes up to 7 at some point, I think. Interested? I'd probably hover in the 10:30-45 range. Email me: