Friday, March 19, 2010


It is Friday and it is warm & sunny in Portland - yippee! I am one happy gal.

I had a great hill run last night; 7 miles and it felt really good. I haven't had the best running week in terms of number of days; I need to get my rear in gear, Eugene is in 6 weeks.

I am without a running coach; I am really bummed as I was just getting in the swing of his workouts, my schedule, etc. I got an email from him about a week ago and he stated that he had a family issue and had to move out of town (back home) unexpectedly. He was sorry and would be refunding my money......I haven't gotten my money back yet and when I first hired him he indicated that he could coach anyone, anywhere and didn't need to be in the same city. It really doesn't all add up and I sure hope that I get a refund check in the mail soon.

I do intend to follow part of his advice; more hill runs and more miles at a slower pace, but past this I'm not sure where my training is going. I need to figure it out soon, I have three marathons coming up. I dug out an old training schedule that I have followed in the past for long runs and my first 20 miler is this weekend; Sunday to be exact. I will do about 6-7 miles on my own & then meet two friends for the rest. As always, Starbucks at the finish.

Have a great weekend, whatever you do or wherever you go.


  1. That's so weird about your coach--I hope you were able to soak up enough advice to benefit. You're already seeing race results.
    It's beautiful here today too--but snow for the weekend: typical.

  2. Hope it all gets worked out with that coach...that is a bit wierd. I'm sure you'll do great getting finishing your prep on your own!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Bummer deal about your running coach:( I will keep my fingers crossed for you so that you get your money back!

    At least it is sunny and warm somewhere...not here! Cold and no sunshine right now in Minnesota. Good luck on your twenty miler Kathy...just a walk in the park for you!! Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. That is too bad about your coach. You sound like you have a good handle on how to train, though, so hopefully you will be just fine.

  5. i totally love my coach and he has athletes all over. Check him out at