Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love Wednesdays

I got out of bed on the wrong side of the bed this morning; you know the feeling, just a little crabby - no particular reason at all.........the feeling persisted most of the day but when my work day was done I put on my running shoes and headed out for a 5-1/2 mile run around my office. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Portland; the sun was shining and the birds were signing! Post-run I immediately headed to Yoga and this was all I needed to get out of my funk. A feel like a new person.

I arrived home to multiple surprises, there was the Progresso Soup package that I had won from Amanda at Run to the Finish; my wonderful weekly box of organic fruits & vegetables and new pendant lights over my kitchen counter.

You have to go check out the awesome giveaway that Tricia is doing; she's giving away a Nathan Hydration belt! This was on my list for Santa this year; a must have item for any runner.

I neglected to mention the other really cool item I got last Friday, a nifty hat from Ron over at Punk Rock Tri Guy. Ron graciously gave EVERYONE that had commented on his blog recently one of the new hats he's having made for PUNK ROCK RACING. You HAVE to go check him out; he is HILARIOUS and he is doing a ton of really cool events this year, including his first IronMan.

It should be noted that I was wearing my new hat when I PR'd on Sunday! It is now my good luck hat.

Happy Hump Day



    I am so glad that you liked the hat and thank you again for all of your support and inspiration.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Kathy,
    Congrats on your big win!! That is so cool! We all have those mornings when we feel just a little blah. The good thing is that it doesn't last forever!

    Portland is one of those cities that I just got to land in but not explore when I worked for the airlines. I would love to visit Portland and check out all of the artsy places:) Have a great day Kathy!

  3. Wednesday was a nice day! I wish I didn't work a 13 hour day--I didn't get to see much of the day.

    You asked what my favorite running route in portland is...there are so many. I do really like the bridge loop downtown but not for long runs since springwater is a bit boring. Terwilliger is great especially past Barbur toward Lewis and Clark Law school. I just discovered Leif Erikson trial in FP at the end of last summer so I'm excited to try that out again when the weather is nicer. Have you been out to the Banks/Vernonia trail? It's about 20-30 minutes west of portland but it's a nice trail for long runs, I did a 17 miler out there.

    So many good places =).

    What about you, what's your favorite spot???