Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday madness; hope & optimism

Happy Monday!

It's back to work and back to a fairly normal routine; it seems like I've been in holiday mode forever.

I'm feeling very encouraged about my relationship with my step-daughter this morning; she is 20 years old and I have been in her life for 11 years, 9-1/2 in the same house. Essentially, her mother abandoned her and her brother; she moved out of their family home and left the kids with their Dad (my current husband). It's been a tough 10 years and we have been 100% there for the kids (emotionally, financially, you name it). She made appearances over the years and spent a little bit of time with the kids (my step-son is now 23). She settled down & got re-married about 5-6 years ago and began fairly normal contact (if you call phone calls & not visits contact) with the kids. I need to add that this wasn't productive, constructive, or proper parental contact; but the kids were at least talking to their mom. Needless to say, the kids think their mom walks on water; every child wants to have a relationship with their mom. I think they see what's been going on and where her priorities are, but they just don't want to accept it or believe it. I have never been treated very well by my step kids (in my opinion); I still do everything I can for them. I drove the carpools, I made their lunches, I went to their events, I had to get their homework done - I'm sure you get the idea. I have been more of a mother to them than their mother has. We have NEVER said a bad word about her to the kids, although we have obviously said a few under our breath :-). Yesterday afternoon as my step daughter was loading her car to drive back to college I gave her a big hug, told her I would miss her and as my husband gave her a hug she said "love you guys". THIS. IS. HUGE. It absolutely made my day to hear those words; we might be turning the corner and I am very optimistic!

I have made progress on my 2010 goals as well:

Goal: Expand my culinary horizons by preparing more new meals for my family

Action: I signed up for a weekly fruit and vegetable delivery; my first delivery will be Wednesday, I am very excited.

Goal: Complete the 100 push-up challenge

Action: Completed Week 1 on January 1, 2010 and started Week 2 yesterday

Goal: Complete the 200 sit-up challenge
Action: Completed Week 1 on January 1, 2010 and started Week 2 yesterday

Goal: See two movies per month; at least one at the Theater

Action: Netflixed and watched "Dan in Real Life"; it was cute, not what I expected based on who recommended it to me (a guy) I enjoyed it. I also got conned into watching "American Pie 2" - wow, I'm a little too old for this type of movie; it did make me laugh though and I needed a mindless activity

Goal: Log 1,500 miles (this is an average of 29 miles per week)

Action: I ran 18 miles in the first three days of January
Action: Signed up to participate in TWO 1000+ mile challenges in 2010

This is not to say I have failed in my other goals (well maybe some of them), but I don't feel I've made significant enough progress to report!

The Rose Bowl didn't have the outcome we hoped for, but everyone who attended had a really great time.

I really need to get back to work now.......Have a great day.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for sharing that very touching and emotioanl story!! You did something right....even if it has seemed like otherwise. Sometimes progress just take time:) Glad to hear things are improving! Great goals...I should be doing the sit up challenge:) My abs and core need some work.

  2. I have no kids or step kids so I can't imagine the patience you have had to have. I know my mom always said having kids was a thankless job so it must be even harder with step kids.

    I like your goal to expand your culinary skills. I like and have made a couple of her recipes successfully. I have a goal to try a new recipe each month and so far I'm on track.

    What is your marathon PR? Do you have a lot of improvement to hit your 4:00? I have to drop 3 minutes, which is doable. I just need to stay healthy.