Monday, January 25, 2010

It's a PR baby; PR!

My half marathon this past Sunday was awesome! I finished in 1:55; which is a 4 minute PR for me - yeah me! It was cold for the entire race; and it pouring and windy for the last 4 miles, a PR in these conditions is even sweeter. While 40 degrees might not seem very cold to some of you you're pretty miserable when you're soaking wet.

We had plans to just go out and stay anywhere between an 8:45 and 9:15 pace; just have a nice run, well you know how plans go. Mind you, I really didn't think that an 8:45 pace for 13.1 miles would fall into the nice and easy category for me but WOW, I can't say it was hard for me.........My friend who wanted to take it easy didn't and she ended up taking off at a low 8:00 pace. Vicki and I didn't think we could sustain this pace for 13.1 so we let the others go at about mile 3 and just got into a groove and enjoyed the day. Just as we were commenting that the rain was staying away, it got very blustery and started to pour; maybe we jinxed it :-) We chatted the entire way and really enjoyed our time together; Vicki is a CPA so her life is just about over until April 15th so we know we won't have a ton of training runs together in the next 2-1/2 months. We kept saying we should slow down, but we never did. I was dead set on finishing in 1:58, which would have been a PR for me and I knew we were ahead of this pace for the entire race. I finished with some kick left and I feel great today; maybe I have a fast half in me......I'll get the opportunity to see on February 28th when I run the Max Muscle Half Marathon the next event on my race calendar.

I didn't get any photos and I am hopeful the race photographer got at least one decent one.

I "get" to repeat Week 4 of the 100 push-up challenge; I wasn't able to do the minimum number of psuh-ups to advance to Week 5. I'm o.k. with this though; in no way do I consider it a failure. I did 28 push-ups; when I started this challenge I couldn't even do 2!

I am moving on to Week 5 for the 200 sit-up challenge. The bummer is, now I am not the same schedule for both challenges; a little thing and I will get over it.

Lesson learned this week, when Lori says nice and easy - don't listen :-)


  1. Oh, the joy of a PR!!! You rock and I am so jealous:) Secretly about half way through my first half I was thinking maybe I could pull a 1:55 time....but no dice for me. I am so happy for you Kathy, that is so exciting!!!! You worked hard for that and deserve a flipping PR! Go you:)

  2. Congrats! That's a huge PR! Maybe there's still hope for me...

  3. Awesome PR. It was POURING on Sunday, I was out running too. It was cold. 40 might not be cold for some but anything below 60 is cold to me =).

    Great job! I had no idea there were so many small half marathons in the area this time of year.

  4. wooowhooooo! awesome time! way to goooo! :)

  5. Wow! That's an amazing PR...I would be floating if I ever managed that kind of speed one day, while enjoying the run no less :)
    :) ...and yeah, I'm lovin' my yoga