Thursday, January 14, 2010


Two posts in one day, I don't know if I can continue at this frenzied pace.....

Have you had a pomegranate lately? There has been so much media buzz surrounding them lately that I thought I would give one a try and I love fruit. My last memories of pomegranates is from a really long time ago; all I can remember is that my mom wouldn't buy them because "they will stain your clothes". Well now that I am a "big girl" and do my own laundry I' decided to take the risk.

Here are the pros:

They are pretty darn yummy
They are full of antioxidants
Some studies suggest they could help with menopause symptoms (yes, I am almost that old)
They are high in fiber
Red is my favorite color

The cons:

They are a pain to open up & get ready for nooshing (kind of like crab legs)
I have little red spots of pomegranate juice all over my desk
I will probably find pomegranate seeds in my office for the next 6 months
I probably did stain my white t-shirt (I hate it when Mom is right)

And yes, I will buy one again and I will figure out a way to conquer the mess aspect!

Here is another cool giveaway that you should check out as it gives back. Katye is really active in the fight against cancer and has pulled together a ton of really neat items that you could win. Check it out, we've all been affected by cancer.

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  1. Hey I just found you on the tall mom spreadsheet. Looks like we live in the same city! I'm still relatively new to p-town but I've met several other running buddies here--many of which are running Eugene this year. I'll be there spectating!

    I've added your blog on to my reader list. Yay for a new p-town blogger.